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Dr. Pappas Super AI Serum 5ml
Dr. Pappas Super AI Serum 5ml
Dr. P's Super AI Serum 30ml - Elită Essentials

Dr. Pappas Super AI Serum 5ml


Our bamboo RollerBalls have finally arrived :)

The ultimate topical blend with all the latest cutting edge components that have been the topic of much of the current research in anti-inflammatory studies. This blend was formulated by Dr. Robert Pappas to bring about a powerful synergy between all of them. Most people report instant relief the minute they rub this blend in. The most powerful natural blend of its kind ever developed and more effective than topical CBD oils.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, natural alpha-humulene, natural beta-caryophyllene, Frankincense Vital Oil, natural methyl thujate from Arborvitae oil, natural alpha-bisabolol, blue tansy essential oil, Vitamin E

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