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Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml - Elită Essentials
Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml - Elită Essentials
Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml - Elită Essentials
Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml - Elită Essentials
Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml - Elită Essentials

Copaiba Langsdorffii 15ml


Copaiba Oil and its Exciting Scientific Benefits

 Copaiba trees in the Amazon of South America, Copaifera  Langsdorffii and several other species, all produce the same kinds of compounds with some slightly different percentages in each.

This resin oil is from the tree bark of the Copaiba tree. The resin is harvested very similar to the way maple syrup or rubber is tapped from their trees. This is the only essential oil tapped directly from a tree!

It is a resin that has naturally occurring essential fatty acids. This tree is very sustainable, it produces about 40 liters of resin or oil per tree per year. Never hurting the tree. In Brazil, the Amazonian curanderos or healers used Copaiba for everything from sore throats to pain and wound healing.

 Copaiba’s Special Compounds

One compound in Copaiba of specific interest since it is the highest known plant source is of beta-caryophyllene; it has over 67% more than any other plant.  This acts as one of the greatest anti- inflammatory available.

The next highest caryophyllene compound is found in clove oil but Copaiba has 6-8 times that amount!

An exciting benefit is that Copaiba essential oil has a natural component, cannabinoids, or CBD (Canna Bi Diol) which respond to our bodies own cannabinoid cells!

These compounds are legal in essential oils and hemp. Copaiba oil’s cannabinoids have a binding affinity to CB2 (cannabinoid) cells in our brain our own body receptors. Of course, that is why this oil has amazing results for any neuropathy or diseases affecting the central nervous system or the brain.

Another significant compound is Kaurenoic acid, which is also anti –inflammatory, a hypotensive and diuretic. It is helpful as a smooth muscle relaxant, is  cytotoxic, and acts like an analgesic.

 Super Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba is best known as a super nervine and used for central nervous system disorders. This oil has been used in South America as an antiseptic, an anti-bacterial, specifically with good results against Staphylococcus and Streptococcus bacterial infections. These are some of the most drug resistant bacteria there are today; and Copaiba can fight them off.

It is also highly rated as an anti- fungal and anti-parasitic.

Most recent studies reveal that Copaiba oil is the most promising essential oil for cancers. It may also help with brain cancers, even the worst kind, glioblastomas.

Two studies in 2015 found that Copaiba oil conferred  that caryophyllene compound inhibits growth of solid tumors and lymph node metastasis. Researchers also found it was effective in killing MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

It has been successful in aiding against skin and stomach cancer and stomach ulcers.

Of course many researchers and physicians feel there is a need to confirm by more studies.

Remember this oil does no harm and at the very least you can fight the inflammation…also a primary cause of cancer.

It is also good for digestion and stimulates the immune system.

Great for reducing pain and joint inflammation, helps with impaired circulation like with varicose veins. It helps loosen the muscles, decrease pain and swelling from inflammation.

Speeds up healing of the skin, tightens and strengthens the collagen of skin. Even aids eliminating scars, psoriasis and acne.

It can relieve congestive problems or respiratory issues, sore throats and sinus issues.

Copaiba can help alleviate anxiety and depression.

It has been used for urinary tract infections, cystitis and bladder infections.

Its medicinal powers are so varied due to its greatest asset of being an anti-inflammatory that it seems to help many health problems.


Recommended Use of Copaiba Oil

This essential oil can be used like many other essential oils:

Massage, with a diffuser, rubbed on soles of feet and in bath water.

Be careful whom you buy from, it should be pure Copaiba oil not diluted with other ingredients.


Do not overconsume Copaiba; it can cause stomach problems if taking too much. It can cause skin irritations if not diluted properly.



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