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Dr. Pappas Frankincense Fusion 5ml
Dr. Pappas Frankincense Fusion 5ml
Dr. P's Frankincense Fusion 30ml - Elită Essentials

Dr. Pappas Frankincense Fusion 5ml


This amazing topical blend contains high quality vitamin E oil, fractionated coconut oil, and Frankincense Vital Oil.

Dr. Pappas indicates that “the oil from this special process is beyond an essential oil, I call it a Vital Oil or the VO. I like this term because the process pulls out more the heavier “vital” components that traditional distillation cannot access. These heavier components not only make the oil more therapeutic but they also impart an extra layer of depth and complexity that is just not there in the traditional EO.This is developed using a propietary method by Dr Pappas that retains all the heavier beneficial properties of the oil.

This combination makes for an awesome base that you can add about any EO blend that you want to apply topically.To make it even an even better blend we combine the base with super high purity 99% beta-Caryophyllene.


Doctor P's Frankincense Fusion Contains: Frankincense (Boswellia carterii )Vital Oil, High Purity 99% Beta Caryophyllene, Vitamin E, Fractionated Coconut oil

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